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Step One of My Three-Step Self-Improvement Plan:
Make a list of 21 Random Important Goals.


Recent photography (by me) with no captions

long term care sign




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Ps. I’m not really mad … just …. mad

I’m not mad at Hammond Morris who wrote the article for “the Onion” which I pressed in my last post. It’s a great article. I couldn’t laugh because I have a headache, and I’m also feeling so paranoid about the state of the world in general–that I’ve lost my sense of humor.

Just didn’t want y’all to think I never had a sense of humor to lose. I wonder though–will satire ever lose its good humor once it’s completely lost all chances of provoking change in our society?

Songs for My Day. A Sunny Sunday.

Beatles: Baby, It’s You. Great Photos of the Fabs in this one.

Melanie Safka, Look What They Done to My Song, Ma. Precious live performance.

To every thing there is a season, and thank God, also a song!


Curious Sign No. 3 Hourly Rounding 1/2

Curious Sign No. 3 Hourly Rounding 1/2

From a corporate standpoint, it’s cost effective to put posters up in hospital rooms to display quality healthcare for all to see. From a quality-healthcare standpoint, the display is utterly meaningless.


Curious Sign No. 3 Hourly Rounding

Curious Sign No. 3 Hourly Rounding

Poster in Hospital Room. Took two shots to get all the wording. Hourly Rounding refers to nurses checking on patients every hour. Let’s just say, this particular hospital would have needed more staff to accomplish that. So…why the sign?


Curious Sign No. 2 Revelation 1 5

Curious Sign No. 2 Revelation 1 5

So much helpful info to be found on the dry erase board in a hospital room…


Curious Sign No. 1

Curious Sign No. 1

From the airport obviously.


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