Monthly Archives: July 2014

technology is the greatest disappointment. as a victim i am too injured bear witness. 

however i can testify still to the power of love. 

so much i could tell. maybe i will some day. my reservations about doing so at this time lie in my self consciousness of being taken as a drama queen. for all i know i may be a  little late in worrying about that. but oh well.

but regardless of what mysteries my drama could reveal, the most important truth about the power of love is that love is needed. Needed for giving and needed for receiving. And the thing I’ve finally learned is that love speaks a language of its own. It announces itself in no uncertain terms. Even when we are not listening, it registers in our hearts’ memory, so that when some day, our ears can hear, we remember when love spoke to us.

I’m glad to be able to write this much on  my blog today. 

… What I’m about to write is probably unrelated to my thoughts about love in the above paragraphs. But I’m just thinking out loud…or whatever. … I think we don’t give up on love when we realize finally that we have been throwing it away where it was not needed. But I do believe the danger to our souls…our hearts… our countenances and attitudes