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Grrrrr…. nonetheless, thank you for the inspirational suggestion, WordPress. “Read all About Those Do’s and Dont’s” (Donovan)

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

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Please be patient with the first brief paragraphs. 

I would be just fine today if I had about $2,000. It would save my skin to have some such amount thereabout by January 4. Having been starkly aware of this unfortunate reality for over a month now, which feels like a death sentence, I’ve gone from keeping it away from the forefront of my mind (while hoping my subconscious would give me a eureka moment) to forcing myself now to bring the grim reaper directly into view. There’s no point in asking favors of the reaper, but when one is privileged to have a clear appointment with one’s own demise,  the visage of doom inevitably becomes the main focus of the days remaining–at least in the case of financial death.

So, I’m glad to get that off my chest. Gee, I just noticed that the 4th is the day after the anniversary of this blog. I would say something like “sad and ironic,” but it’s not. It’s just a little bit of an embarrassing coincidence.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

What I’m really trying to write about just now, is how discouraging the internet is. It’s worse than ever really. I don’t understand why it has to be that as technology advances, scammers are in line to make the most of it, while people like myself are not. Bill Gates, have you any thoughts on this?  Continued patience, please.

If I didn’t know better, I would think the scammers are given autographed advanced copies of all new software and technology. How else could dating sites offer fraudulent profiles custom-made to suit whatever individual is searching? And how else could fraudulent job opportunities do the same?  If religion, spirituality, or philosophy occupy the most of one’s internet pursuits, the scammers know that as well. The other day, I filled out a form on a Government site and was told to check my mail. When I did, I accidentally clicked on spam that arrived a minute before the real deal, and in a different folder. Have any of us failed to notice that every supposed helpful technology advance, seems to leave the masses at a disadvantage?

I’m just miserable today. And I assure you it’s not a Christmas hangover. Christmas was a lovely day. At least, it was until I got back on the internet. And here I am thinking of pushing forward with my blog.


What I read yesterday about this plan for people around the world to meditate for the good of the planet—which, if anything, should encourage me–is what is shocking me now. Make no mistake about it–it’s the burning of generic statues of human beings while someone pretends to worship the process, that freezes me in my tracks.

They say that they have designed these experiences to be acceptable to everyone, differing religions notwithstanding.  I  don’t want to venture which religions would feel included by such a display. I don’t think it honors duality or polytheism in any way, so that lets out the Hindus. I would think it deals short shrift to the idea of self-immolation as well. Anyone who knows someone who has set fire to himself or herself for the sake of desperate protest, might see it as an exercise of fantasy and luxury. Sure, not many people worldwide know someone who has done this; yet the profundity of their experience should not be lost in the romance of an experimental new-age endeavor.

When I think of burning models of human beings. I think of effigies burned in hatred. I imagine people being made to unwittingly add their good consciences–whatever energies/vibrations they may impart to the ether– to the purposes of some unseen wizard. Yes.

Or, I see visions of Christian Hell. Therefore, as a Christian, I want no part of it–even though, I commented, “Thank you for including me in this” before I saw the part about the burnings.

I don’t blame the people of the Gaia movement, whoever they are, for thinking I would want to come on board. And I’m sorry to express offensive opinions. But, now, I’m grateful  only for what I’ve learned about myself (from checking it out,) which is that it will never be another entity’s business whenever I should choose to communicate with the God of my understanding.

grrrrrr scammers…..not satisfied with my time, money, identity, next thing you know, they want your soul.

Please enjoy this clip from a movie Donovan made long ago. He discusses my own fears. I haven’t watched this all the way through–didn’t know it existed. I was only familiar with the songs. But, I did scan through this video and was pleased with the commentary and musical offerings. This clip is under ten minutes long. Please suffer through the opening. It seems the sound is rather harshly adjusted.


Please Watch the Video on my Previous Post. No Commercial this Morning.

I awakened with what I believed were spiritual epiphanies regarding the whole lifelong development of a person’s soul. My mind was answering questions quick as they came. What about predestination (along with that, abortion and the death penalty, not to mention Astrology)? What about humanism? What about the third eye? How do all these things figure in with the love of Jesus? How does the love of Jesus? And why does it seem that the love of Jesus is so slow to affect the salvation of mankind? I awakened this morning with firmer beliefs regarding these things. I already had my faith: my core assurance in the love of Jesus Christ, and the powerful necessity of love. 

Because I was so inspired, an urgency to write about it fell upon me. So, as I was waking up, firming up plans for the day, wrestling my pets into submission, getting coffee, I worried a little that these crystallized insights might somehow slip away from me. Now, the house is quiet. Looks like I have about 30 minutes to finish this post.

I don’t have time to start fleshing out my new paint-by-number picture of the way of the human soul. Instead, I’m going to talk about my post itself. Sorry. I know that’s self-indulgent. But, I think there was a bit of paranoia stuck to me like beggar lice as the rest of my mind was forming inner sanctuary.

It was about that wonderful animation which is linked to in my previous post. When I first played it on youtube last night, a really distasteful commercial played before it, one that I seem to recall that I could not skip through. It was a mature woman in a party dress, sitting in a public stall, talking about her bowel movement using –not vulgarities —  language such as teenage boys would use. I stepped away from the computer while waiting for the video.

When I saw the video, I was so enthralled that I forgot all about the commercial. I put the link here and on my facebook, with all due excitement over the thankful reception it was sure to find this season. Then, as I lay down to rest my mind, that commercial popped in to say Hello.

This morning I see no “likes” on my fb page, and am most grateful for the ones here. When I clicked on my link here and watched the video, no commercial whatsoever preceded it.  Let me simply say, I was relieved, yet remained disturbed over its having been there in the first place.

I would like to invite anyone who happens to see this to click on my previous post, titled “Do You Hear What I Hear, A Chrismagical Animation”. It beautifully and truly expresses the spirit of Christmas.




Do You Hear What I Hear? A Christmagical Animation

I’ve had insomnia a few days now. I remember day broke as bright blue sky today. I stayed in my recliner all day eating See’s chocolates. I’ve been floating on this sugar trip for a full day and a half, round the clock. I think my oil glands will be oozing liquified butter brittle till way after the new year. Tomorrow, I expect to have a meal with Lester. Last night, I had time with one son. The other one sent me the chocolates. Merry Christmas everyone. I think we should all pray for the Christian conversion of Rupert Murdoch. May he confess — for the sake of humanity that he has played a very lucrative joke on his U.S.demographic. Wait, don’t touch that dial, I have more miracles on my list. Mostly, I pray that I smile as sweetly as I know other people will if they are out and about on Christmas day


How To Teach a Dog To “Find”


Hey H. Check out 3:00, the scene from Fido Credit and thanks go out to Matt McNish who put this video up on youtube.

Please enjoy a brief, poignant, funny scene at three minutes into this review of the wonderful movie Fido.  Remember the subject of the dialog is Fido, a grown-man zombie who has become their son’s pet. You will know you’re at the right place when you see the pretty woman driving, talking to a man who looks insecure.


Deep Thoughts on Poverty

Deep Thoughts on Poverty

My favorite one is the last on the list:

“If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.” –Charles Darwin, Voyage of the Beagle


Do these simple things, Silly Girl

Do these simple things, Silly Girl

A terrific slide show of pets and advice for good health. Apologize for any popups. Webmd is innocent enough, right?


Semblance of Life in My Kitchen.


Madeline Kahn “I’m Tired” from Blazing Saddles

I identify with her . . . but it’s mostly my sinus infection. Mostly.

Wonderful Tigger… the tigger song