My Mind Is

This is a Poem I wrote this morning.

My Mind IS


My mind is an eager puppy

My heart is an aching bruise

My soul is a scout for a journey

My spirit is a frightened child

My world is a flipping coin

My day is a disappointing choice.

My friends are crying angels

My voice is a crack in the pavement

My vision is nevermore real

My family is a world of dreams

My dreams are the back of my throat

My throat is the tunnel to the light

My light is a reminder of love

My love is perpetual motion

My motion is a burdensome task

My task is an unfinished lesson

My lesson is patience in secret

My secret is lost in my mind.


3 responses to “My Mind Is

  1. Thank you so much, Derek. Hope you are feeling well.

  2. A beautiful poem.

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