Ps. I’m not really mad … just …. mad

I’m not mad at Hammond Morris who wrote the article for “the Onion” which I pressed in my last post. It’s a great article. I couldn’t laugh because I have a headache, and I’m also feeling so paranoid about the state of the world in general–that I’ve lost my sense of humor.

Just didn’t want y’all to think I never had a sense of humor to lose. I wonder though–will satire ever lose its good humor once it’s completely lost all chances of provoking change in our society?


3 responses to “Ps. I’m not really mad … just …. mad

  1. Heck, I worry if the next generation will learn to still appreciate it. O.o

    • It would be sad if people lost the aptitude for sharing important ideas and information through creative expression. Sometimes I think many people have already lost the ability really to care about the next generation– I mean beyond hoping their own sons and daughters are able to have jobs. 😦 Thanks for thinking with me, Andy. 🙂 Wish I didn’t feel so cynical so much of the time.

      • Naw, not cynical at all. there’s nothing wrong with expressing how you feel right? 🙂 you’re right though, too many people have lost that ability in writing and in expressing 😦

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