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Semblance of Life in My Kitchen.



About Last Night

If you have happened to see what I reblogged from Dandelion last night, and you have been following me for a bit–and have a clue about my disposition, you might be a surprised to read that I’m feeling happy so far this morning… and if you care about any of that, perhaps you’ll read on…

Now, before I go on, I want you to know that this is not a post about my feelings, but if I weren’t feeling happy, I wouldn’t be able to write about such things as what I posted last night. Also, since this is going to get a little political, I want to remind you that I really do intend for this to be a personal blog and not a political one.

But, since it is a blog about my conscience, it’s fitting to consider such things as those youtube videos I reblogged from Dandelion.

—————————————————– Listen, I’m going to have to do this in parts. I’ve gotten suddenly extremely frustrated–and a head-ache.

What happened was my sweet, new, exceptionally intelligent dog went out to poop, and once again came back in smacking his lips from some garbage food my evil neighbors 150 feet from me tempt him with to upset his stomach and make him fart on me because they hate me….. and try to use whatever dog I own against me. . . YEAH!!! You know.

So, I had to scold him, shame him. tell him that since he liked the food outside, then “NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE!” Of course I’d already shared sardines and “Lotus Biscoff” with him for our breakfast dessert; so, you know who had the last laugh.

By then my ears were turning red, and I had forgotten how to make WordPress work for me. I don’t know which is worse, impinging senility or the conspiracy of user interfaces on the internet.  (And I do apologize, although neither of those things is my fault.) By the time I found where I had saved the draft, so I could go back and check some things on the posts I was going to talk about, I had been reduced back to a needy, helpless American citizen with but two prayers: to be left alone, and for gasoline prices to go down.

I’m going to post this much now, because I can’t help losing my mind–but, I’m trying to keep track of my conscience.