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Hey H. Check out 3:00, the scene from Fido Credit and thanks go out to Matt McNish who put this video up on youtube.

Please enjoy a brief, poignant, funny scene at three minutes into this review of the wonderful movie Fido.  Remember the subject of the dialog is Fido, a grown-man zombie who has become their son’s pet. You will know you’re at the right place when you see the pretty woman driving, talking to a man who looks insecure.


Madeline Kahn “I’m Tired” from Blazing Saddles

I identify with her . . . but it’s mostly my sinus infection. Mostly.

Wonderful Tigger… the tigger song

Polar Bears Are Left Handed

according to a list of “funny and interesting facts” posted by Maria this morning. I’m still not feeling very articulate, but am much, much better on this day4 after emotional collapse. I wish to thank Maria, but for some reason, I feel protective of her as well. (perhaps I “project” or something–not gonna consult my psychiatric symptoms thesaurus….

Anyhoo, Maria posted this long list of these facts, 193 in all. I scanned down the list ooh and aahing, and there at 192, I discovered this precious tidbit about those most darling, dangerous, and damned of bears. And I wondered, “Did I know this already from observing them at the zoo?” Then–thought I– how can they be sure? I’m not entirely convinced. But who would ever be up to the challenge of trying to disprove it? haha.

Levity, Ra Ra….(veiled reference to Mork from Ork)

If my Dad were a Zombie, I’d name him “Fido”

Love it! You may know Fido if you’re from Canada. Canadians are so creative! Hope you enjoy this introduction  to one of my favorite movies. I chose not to link to a trailer because a clip doesn’t do justice; however, the photos on Yahoo illustrate the visual charm of Fido.The rest of Fido’s appeal is best understood subliminally. Trust me, it’s safe to suspend disbelief. To me, this movie is as timeless as “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens”. I promise you’ll be intrigued at the very least.



About “Wilfred” My favorite TV series. Jason Gann, Elijah Wood Interview

I can’t FX on my TV. I have to keep watching the first season over and over on Netflix. 🙂

“Bad Lip Reading: NFL” Also, a brief Jim Varney skit of deeply human humor.

It is so easy to get caught up reading good blogs. This morning I was privileged to enjoy a link to “Bad Lip Reading: NFL.” Thank you, Sarah. Here’s the link.

The funny nonsense of the BLR reminded me of this little video, which was included in a video called “Ernest P. Worrell Family Album” by Jim Varney.