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Grrrrr…. nonetheless, thank you for the inspirational suggestion, WordPress. “Read all About Those Do’s and Dont’s” (Donovan)

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

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Please be patient with the first brief paragraphs. 

I would be just fine today if I had about $2,000. It would save my skin to have some such amount thereabout by January 4. Having been starkly aware of this unfortunate reality for over a month now, which feels like a death sentence, I’ve gone from keeping it away from the forefront of my mind (while hoping my subconscious would give me a eureka moment) to forcing myself now to bring the grim reaper directly into view. There’s no point in asking favors of the reaper, but when one is privileged to have a clear appointment with one’s own demise,  the visage of doom inevitably becomes the main focus of the days remaining–at least in the case of financial death.

So, I’m glad to get that off my chest. Gee, I just noticed that the 4th is the day after the anniversary of this blog. I would say something like “sad and ironic,” but it’s not. It’s just a little bit of an embarrassing coincidence.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

What I’m really trying to write about just now, is how discouraging the internet is. It’s worse than ever really. I don’t understand why it has to be that as technology advances, scammers are in line to make the most of it, while people like myself are not. Bill Gates, have you any thoughts on this?  Continued patience, please.

If I didn’t know better, I would think the scammers are given autographed advanced copies of all new software and technology. How else could dating sites offer fraudulent profiles custom-made to suit whatever individual is searching? And how else could fraudulent job opportunities do the same?  If religion, spirituality, or philosophy occupy the most of one’s internet pursuits, the scammers know that as well. The other day, I filled out a form on a Government site and was told to check my mail. When I did, I accidentally clicked on spam that arrived a minute before the real deal, and in a different folder. Have any of us failed to notice that every supposed helpful technology advance, seems to leave the masses at a disadvantage?

I’m just miserable today. And I assure you it’s not a Christmas hangover. Christmas was a lovely day. At least, it was until I got back on the internet. And here I am thinking of pushing forward with my blog.


What I read yesterday about this plan for people around the world to meditate for the good of the planet—which, if anything, should encourage me–is what is shocking me now. Make no mistake about it–it’s the burning of generic statues of human beings while someone pretends to worship the process, that freezes me in my tracks.

They say that they have designed these experiences to be acceptable to everyone, differing religions notwithstanding.  I  don’t want to venture which religions would feel included by such a display. I don’t think it honors duality or polytheism in any way, so that lets out the Hindus. I would think it deals short shrift to the idea of self-immolation as well. Anyone who knows someone who has set fire to himself or herself for the sake of desperate protest, might see it as an exercise of fantasy and luxury. Sure, not many people worldwide know someone who has done this; yet the profundity of their experience should not be lost in the romance of an experimental new-age endeavor.

When I think of burning models of human beings. I think of effigies burned in hatred. I imagine people being made to unwittingly add their good consciences–whatever energies/vibrations they may impart to the ether– to the purposes of some unseen wizard. Yes.

Or, I see visions of Christian Hell. Therefore, as a Christian, I want no part of it–even though, I commented, “Thank you for including me in this” before I saw the part about the burnings.

I don’t blame the people of the Gaia movement, whoever they are, for thinking I would want to come on board. And I’m sorry to express offensive opinions. But, now, I’m grateful  only for what I’ve learned about myself (from checking it out,) which is that it will never be another entity’s business whenever I should choose to communicate with the God of my understanding.

grrrrrr scammers…..not satisfied with my time, money, identity, next thing you know, they want your soul.

Please enjoy this clip from a movie Donovan made long ago. He discusses my own fears. I haven’t watched this all the way through–didn’t know it existed. I was only familiar with the songs. But, I did scan through this video and was pleased with the commentary and musical offerings. This clip is under ten minutes long. Please suffer through the opening. It seems the sound is rather harshly adjusted.


Gratitude, Music, Clouds, Life — Revisited Grrr

I was asked how I see “my energy” when I think of these four aspects and how I can use that energy to move forward.

The reason “Grrr” is on this post is that I will definitely come back to it, until I’m really satisfied with all I’ve considered and written.  (Please check out my categories GRD, Grrr, Revise, Day3of. One of those explains the “Grrr”.

At this moment, I am relieved to turn my thoughts to 1) gratitude, 2) music, 3) clouds, and 4) life. Why so–is not important. The moment doesn’t ask why.

1. Gratitude: I am as familiar with gratitude as someone dying of thirst who is offered a sip and the promise of a well. This is not poetics; it’s a major theme of my life story.

2. Music: In recent years, I believe my loss of music is a symptom of something more sinister occurring in my brain, something I must fight to reverse.

Those of you who can still take your music as a passion, an embellishment, or even take it for granted may be fortunate not to conceive of what I mean.

3. Clouds– should be inviting me outside to experience my place in the world (of this planet). But the clouds over the terra firma are no longer healthy. I’m sane enough to have observed this over fifty years’ exposure to consistent perspective of the sky above.

Yet, perhaps, I must follow the call of seasons’ clouds of me (to go out to my place in the world) which I may not understand till time comes for the world of my body to disassemble. I cannot save the world, perhaps–but, surely, I will fight climate change within what we call the soul–and I think of as Good, and as what I am here to do.

4. Life — Yeah, well, here cynicism is glowering in my life, as it it does in so many. But herein will be recorded the answer to Shakti’s questions.

For my thoughts of life at this moment, I prefer to hide behind what may seem (at first) to be (at least) a superficial, but pleasantly musical possibility offered by Jon Anderson (of Yes).

Ps. the link below seems to work even though it doesn’t have color. If anyone has trouble with it, please let me know.

Grrrr Give a Man a Fish

I think provencial wisdom which says that teaching to fish is better than giving a fish invites people to be callous and judgmental of others. I clearly see insult built into the message.

“Hey Buddy–Couldn’t help but notice you starvin’ there, like some runt dog who was one too many in the litter. You’re clueless about what it takes to feed yourself,aren’t you. The employment office is down the street. I’d give you some money for some food, but you know that wouldn’t do you any good. You would stink up your breath with Wild Irish Rose, and wine would just make you hungrier. Best of luck learning how to feed yourself. Wish I could take credit for teaching you, but no time. Gotta make a lunch date in ten minutes.”

What’s worse is that foreigners whether religious or corporate can go into the lands of a native people under auspices of teaching them to “fish” so to speak, while actually making a mockery of who these people are, if not utterly exploiting  their labor, stealing their natural resources., or signing them on to contracts for fertilizers and farming equipment that are impractical or detrimental to them in the long run.

Many valuable lessons have we all teach one another. But don’t go down to someone’s home on the lake and feign to teach him to fish. If you do, he would be wise to assume that what you’re really interested in is a new fishing spot.

My Heart is Brimming with Optimism, Grrr

This will be my second GRD project. Those of you who have supported my blog till now may be aware–I have yet to complete the first one. But I Do think I will complete it.

Nonetheless, this morning, I must cry “grrr”!

surgery in the family, death in the family, “Bless the beasts and the Children”–not the book or the movie—the statement. I think that I’ll try to use that now instead of cussing. Since I’m not cogent, at the moment–I think I’ll also link you to the song. Please enjoy Karen Carpenter baring her irrepressible soul.

As a child of the sixties, I thought people of the world would come together to solve problems, to preserve the things we could never replace, and to do other GOOD things that children like myself believed were already underway.

When I saw public service notices on TV, I was inspired, even while being saddened by things I learned. I’m posting a link to one of the “crying Indian” commercials to illustrate my point. For my older readers, this is one is friendly on the eyes and ears, and is the one I remember.

Sorry to take up your time, while I cry for time that’s come and gone. It’s just that it’s very hard for me to explain why I’m feeling optimistic–yet, I don’t want to consider the possibility that this is the crest of a mood swing that may be heading toward its downward slope. Therefore, I think I’m trying to get in touch with why it was that I failed to act on inspirations from my past.

Part of the reason I didn’t act was that I felt utterly un-empowered. My good folks, I know that I should NOT feel THAT WAY in 2013. Who can predict 2014? But NOW is an incredibly rare time of empowerment in the history of man……and yeah, we’re here to experience history in the making–whether or not we choose to witness it, whether or not we choose to participate.

I’m thankful to be alive.

Now–I want to end this post with something that is maybe a little more optimistic than I actually feel, but it is something I love, and I hope I can carry it with me the rest of this day.