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Step One of My Three-Step Self-Improvement Plan:
Make a list of 21 Random Important Goals.


The road to disappointment!

The road to disappointment!.


Deep Thoughts on Poverty

Deep Thoughts on Poverty

My favorite one is the last on the list:

“If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.” –Charles Darwin, Voyage of the Beagle

Buckt List—Friday, Feb 8,

These first ten in bold have already been accomplished.

1.  Graduate High School (although I still have nightmares in which I didn’t, and had to lie about it the rest of my life–or else could never be sure that I did).

2.  Have fun with karaoke.

3.  Raise children.

4.  Learn to play guitar.

5.  Paint a black ocean.

6.  Learn to swim.

7.  Own a piece or two of jewelry that would have great significance to me.

8.  Find people whom I could love, and who would love me as much as humanly possible.

9.  Own a home uncannily similar to the one I have called home for years and will one day own, God willing.

10. Gain a sense of admiration for my mother.


These next five are the first that come to mind that I might really be able to do. (But I swear they are far more challenging than you would imagine.)

1. Perform at an open mike (stand-up comedy, sort of). Give it a try. Find out if I’m as shameless with it as I was with karaoke.

2. Make a living will, (or whatever health directive that is) because too many health care professionals act like soul-less bureaucrats at times, but mostly because it really is the most considerate thing you can do for your loved ones who may have differing notions about what you would want if only you could say.

3. Get over my fear of paying bills.

4. Get over my fear of swallowing pills.

5. Try to remember how to play the guitar, and/or take more lessons.

February3 About my 24 followers

This post is an acknowledgement of appreciation for my followers in general. I appreciate your reading it, even if the spirit of it falls flat. Please consider it a very small token. I do owe you much, much more.

About You

Some of you most consistently interpret certain kinds of your experiences in life.  Some of you do this through photography, other’s through poetry or essays. Some of you are younger than myself, and some older.

Some of you have special projects or businesses to promote, relating to travel, cooking, publishing or merchandising.  I especially like the attention I’ve received from people related to social causes and activism–although I haven’t as yet, summoned the gumption to be of much help. Most recently I find myself followed by a travelling Pastor, Aaron Bagwell. To be followed by a world-adventuring evangelist–I must say–feels flattering and intimidating at the same time. Please pray for Pastor Bagwell and myself on our journeys which seem (at least at this point) to be quite different.

Let’s see now, who else, ah yes,  one of you–it appears, gee– may be… a scam. . . a send-me-$25, so I can show you how to get rich while hardly working.  I just said, “may be”.  I hope not, and I love you, the person, even if you are. Even if that one of you is not a scam, I couldn’t do what you do, I just have too much of a one track mind, and that track is a Mobius strip.

But, enough about my very much treasured followers–which total 24, by the way. Today is day one of Month two of Day3of! As would happen, I don’t have much to say today, but that’s a good thing. I’m happy to report that I do have many works to do and plays to play….Cheers.

resorting to making a wish list

I don’t have the strength to hate, or the will to banish negative thoughts. I’m a completely useless individual… in all honesty. The best thing I can do at this point is to acknowledge that I am still capable of wanting things. I’m going to think of such things just now, and see how long a list I can muster.

1. A happy light. One of those lights that you sit with to help treat SADD.

2. A 2012 or 2013 Kia Rio hatchback

3.  New eyeglasses

4. someone to help me reorganize my house, with a few renovations and repairs, too.

5. I wish I could see my best friend who is in the hospital, but that is another sad story.

6. I wish my younger son admired me.

7. I wish I knew whose sneakers my dog brought in, but I’m to depressed to knock on doors.

8. I wish I could go back two months and change a few things that would make the life of someone I love so much better, and my own life, as well.

9. I wish I could be made to understand that you cannot make someone love you…and that hearing what you want to hear is like selling your soul to the devil. Why must we become naive as we grow older? I had barely outgrown it– now here I am again.

10. I want to eat really well and breathe fresh air for ten days in a row.