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This is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing for the WP Challenge.


If my Dad were a Zombie, I’d name him “Fido”

Love it! You may know Fido if you’re from Canada. Canadians are so creative! Hope you enjoy this introduction  to one of my favorite movies. I chose not to link to a trailer because a clip doesn’t do justice; however, the photos on Yahoo illustrate the visual charm of Fido.The rest of Fido’s appeal is best understood subliminally. Trust me, it’s safe to suspend disbelief. To me, this movie is as timeless as “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens”. I promise you’ll be intrigued at the very least.



About “Wilfred” My favorite TV series. Jason Gann, Elijah Wood Interview

I can’t FX on my TV. I have to keep watching the first season over and over on Netflix. 🙂

This is awesome inspiration, | 2013 Resolved to Illuminate Beyond

Thank you so much, SimplySage for photos that bring me face to face with the beauty of creation, to feel it personally as though looking through a mirror.

Weekly Photo Challenge | 2013 Resolved to Illuminate Beyond.

“Bad Lip Reading: NFL” Also, a brief Jim Varney skit of deeply human humor.

It is so easy to get caught up reading good blogs. This morning I was privileged to enjoy a link to “Bad Lip Reading: NFL.” Thank you, Sarah. Here’s the link.

The funny nonsense of the BLR reminded me of this little video, which was included in a video called “Ernest P. Worrell Family Album” by Jim Varney.

I may not have a chance to write after this until the end of the week

Below, please find partial lyrics for The Talking Heads’, “What a Day That Was.”

… There are fifty thousand beggars
Roaming in the streets
They have lost all their possessions
They have nothing left to eat…

… I’m dreaming of a city
It was my own invention
I put the wheels in motion
A time for big decisions

And on the first day, we had everything we could stand
Ooh and then we let it fall
And on the second day, there was nothing else at all
Ooh what a day that was…

… Ooh that’s the way it goes
There’s a million ways- to get things done
There’s a million ways- to make things work out…

__________________ Yours in hope, Day3of

Couch Potato Curse: Where’s the real danger?

Couch Potato Curse: Where’s the real danger?.

Asking you to–please read two of my most recent posts.

The first one is the post below this one. It attempts to describe this new writing project I’m working on.  After I talk about the project, I also thank my followers–this part of the post may look like an additional post, but isn’t.

The second one I ask you to look is the third post below this (I’m now writing and you, reading). This second post is the current phase of my first exercise in this new writing project. It’s titled, “Pretending to Be Irritated.”

My new project is very much in line with the theme of this blog. Thank you for reading!

My New Project, “GRD”

A New Project for Me

How You Can Make Sense of it

And/or Easily Avoid Any

Of it You Please

It’s called GrrrRevise, Day3of (GRD)”

  • Each time I execute GRD, upon completion there will have been four parts to it.
  • The first part is “Grrr”. Grrr means that I am not cogent, but want to be.
  • The second part “Grrr, Revise” adds comments in bold italic to the Grrr post.
  • The third part “Grrr, Revise, Day3of” adds another layer of comments, this time in italic.
  • The fourth part “GRD” is an entirely new post based on the prior three layers of drafts.
  • My efforts will be categorized “New GRD”.
  • The first project is titled “Pretending to be Irritated”.
  • As of today, “Pretending to be Irritated” is awaiting the “Day3of” phase.
  • Wish me luck.

January 25, 2012

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My followers, all 17,

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I value y’all as well.


The Wrecking Crew—who knew? I wanna see the flick!

Thank you to my Q105 for linking me up with this.