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technology is the greatest disappointment. as a victim i am too injured bear witness. 

however i can testify still to the power of love. 

so much i could tell. maybe i will some day. my reservations about doing so at this time lie in my self consciousness of being taken as a drama queen. for all i know i may be a  little late in worrying about that. but oh well.

but regardless of what mysteries my drama could reveal, the most important truth about the power of love is that love is needed. Needed for giving and needed for receiving. And the thing I’ve finally learned is that love speaks a language of its own. It announces itself in no uncertain terms. Even when we are not listening, it registers in our hearts’ memory, so that when some day, our ears can hear, we remember when love spoke to us.

I’m glad to be able to write this much on  my blog today. 

… What I’m about to write is probably unrelated to my thoughts about love in the above paragraphs. But I’m just thinking out loud…or whatever. … I think we don’t give up on love when we realize finally that we have been throwing it away where it was not needed. But I do believe the danger to our souls…our hearts… our countenances and attitudes



Smoking On Campus

Under the streetlight where campus is deserted,

parking lots tucked in for the night,

he senses he’s been duped.

The tired, timid teardrop, the jaded lethargic

self-awareness under empty spotlight

addresses shadows in silence.

Curling climbing cigarette draught

beams like a whispering bush.

In spite of warm air, his nose

and fingers have numbed up again.

The precursor of resolve is pushed back so far

as avoids inexplicable defeat.


The cresting breath of a brother’s car is a timely rescue.

As curtains close on unnoticed stars,

he’s forwarded on wheels of newfound friends.

Tentative-clutch adulthood is a  shifting chariot

for the tribe of invincible memes.


Young men in need of telling secrets

of innocence and fear

do not invite revealing things,

when things to hide become equally true.

He trembles with longing for passion

for fighting words, to

Broadcast that HE IS a failed State

that he seeks asylum to betray his own orders.

He has to be the only one now facing the grave.

He laughs with wild eyes

shaken like a spicy suspension

adding his savory slice

to the communal

youth salad.

Then he prays

with clicking mitral valve

that smoking

not be as hazardous as it feels,

that faith which doesn’t turn back time

nor vanquish demons

imperceptibly cobble him again

like a house gnome

night after shame-denying night

as long as it takes,

and that money won’t be a problem.


Each of them will be alone on the dark side of campus

paralyzed like the deer in headlights

hoping soon to be caught up by tribesmen

and hidden away from the spotlight on their fates.

By Vicki V. Jones

Final for 2013. Post #250. Thank you all!



I wish you all a very safe and memorable evening, or happy night’s rest

if you’re moonless night is nearing its end.–and every one a Happy

Beginning to another Year’s Life. May it wear us well. 



Your stories of Loss in 2013

  • I would like to know of other people who witnessed people they cared about lose everything they had this year, and/ or killed themselves.
  • I wouldn’t need to know any details about the situations or the emotions associated with these losses, although all comments would be welcomed. 
  • I’m trying in my own life to keep a positive outlook, while accepting reality so I can continue to adapt to it. I often fail to do so. And the flow of consequences for failure can seem unforgiving at times. I’m struggling within trials which are proving to me that one must cling to life or lose it. 
  • Because even though I believe we are all connected (like an ant hill,) our human brains confuse as much as they instruct. As soon as we think someone will save us when we most need it, we’re apt to find ourselves misguided. Therefore, we must always cling to survival, be beggars if necessary, as well as choosers, and not allow ourselves to believe our minds cannot devise a backup plan.
  • This year, I witnessed one friend lose everything, but live. In some ways, he’s doing ok now. He has a roof over his head, but he doesn’t understand what happened to him. He remembers his home, but not how or why he lost it; in fact, I don’t think he yet understands that he did lose it.
  • This year, I also witnessed one friend who had good health and a wealth of talent kill himself. I have promised to write more about this person. I’m really still in the denial phase about his death, but part of that denial seems to be because he is so alive in my heart. I am willing to stay in denial forever. Past tense does not honor him enough.
  • I’m going to put plenty of tags on this post to encourage feedback.
  • Please leave your stories of the losses you have witnessed, or experienced yourself if that is the case. You do not have to specify that something was your own loss instead of a friend’s. 
  • Many people who have access to internet are better off than most people. I would also like to know if the people who suffered loss of life or all possessions had internet access.
  • I ask that the stories be things that have culminated during this year 2013.

Ten Minutes on Wednesday Oct 16

Now five minutes.

I’m beginning to realize that this blog will probably be the one important writing endeavor I may ever undertake…and so, I might as well stop being so reserved about it.

Ok. Now what to do with the last three minutes.

Please be patient a little while longer.

I am not home. I am with dear people whom I may never see again once I leave next week. That said, let me correct, I do plan to see these people again–so says my soul.

Taking online discussions up a notch

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2 Major Problems for American Colleges

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‘Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng claims he is being booted from his apartment and his fellowship at New York University this month because of NYU’s kowtowing to the Chinese government. The school protests mightily, claiming that it has lavished resources on Chen and never intended for his fellowship – granted after he sought refuge in the U.S. embassy in Beijing – to last for more than a year…’
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The Idea that Income Can Integrate America’s Campuses
‘The latest chapter in this national struggle was supposed to come with the U.S. Supreme Court’s consideration of an affirmative action case involving a white student and the University of Texas. But the ruling – announced Monday amid much anticipation – merely sent the case back to the lower courts for reconsideration.

‘Afiirmative action, in its threadbare form…

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Another Jigsaw Puzzle

The Panama Adventure

OK Karen, this one’s for you. No green. No green at all. Not even a leaf 😀

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Are you spam, Mr. Smith?

Got an awesome comment from D. Smith (full name withheld to protect privacy) a few days ago, which I just now saw. As I was looking for comments, I also looked at a couple that had been blocked by the spam blocker. Then, I went on to approve the Smith comment. Then I clicked to see what I could find out about Smith. Nothing. So I unapproved his kind comment. Apologies to Smith if he isn’t spam.