My Heart is Brimming with Optimism, Grrr

This will be my second GRD project. Those of you who have supported my blog till now may be aware–I have yet to complete the first one. But I Do think I will complete it.

Nonetheless, this morning, I must cry “grrr”!

surgery in the family, death in the family, “Bless the beasts and the Children”–not the book or the movie—the statement. I think that I’ll try to use that now instead of cussing. Since I’m not cogent, at the moment–I think I’ll also link you to the song. Please enjoy Karen Carpenter baring her irrepressible soul.

As a child of the sixties, I thought people of the world would come together to solve problems, to preserve the things we could never replace, and to do other GOOD things that children like myself believed were already underway.

When I saw public service notices on TV, I was inspired, even while being saddened by things I learned. I’m posting a link to one of the “crying Indian” commercials to illustrate my point. For my older readers, this is one is friendly on the eyes and ears, and is the one I remember.

Sorry to take up your time, while I cry for time that’s come and gone. It’s just that it’s very hard for me to explain why I’m feeling optimistic–yet, I don’t want to consider the possibility that this is the crest of a mood swing that may be heading toward its downward slope. Therefore, I think I’m trying to get in touch with why it was that I failed to act on inspirations from my past.

Part of the reason I didn’t act was that I felt utterly un-empowered. My good folks, I know that I should NOT feel THAT WAY in 2013. Who can predict 2014? But NOW is an incredibly rare time of empowerment in the history of man……and yeah, we’re here to experience history in the making–whether or not we choose to witness it, whether or not we choose to participate.

I’m thankful to be alive.

Now–I want to end this post with something that is maybe a little more optimistic than I actually feel, but it is something I love, and I hope I can carry it with me the rest of this day.


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