Gratitude, Music, Clouds, Life — Revisited Grrr

I was asked how I see “my energy” when I think of these four aspects and how I can use that energy to move forward.

The reason “Grrr” is on this post is that I will definitely come back to it, until I’m really satisfied with all I’ve considered and written.  (Please check out my categories GRD, Grrr, Revise, Day3of. One of those explains the “Grrr”.

At this moment, I am relieved to turn my thoughts to 1) gratitude, 2) music, 3) clouds, and 4) life. Why so–is not important. The moment doesn’t ask why.

1. Gratitude: I am as familiar with gratitude as someone dying of thirst who is offered a sip and the promise of a well. This is not poetics; it’s a major theme of my life story.

2. Music: In recent years, I believe my loss of music is a symptom of something more sinister occurring in my brain, something I must fight to reverse.

Those of you who can still take your music as a passion, an embellishment, or even take it for granted may be fortunate not to conceive of what I mean.

3. Clouds– should be inviting me outside to experience my place in the world (of this planet). But the clouds over the terra firma are no longer healthy. I’m sane enough to have observed this over fifty years’ exposure to consistent perspective of the sky above.

Yet, perhaps, I must follow the call of seasons’ clouds of me (to go out to my place in the world) which I may not understand till time comes for the world of my body to disassemble. I cannot save the world, perhaps–but, surely, I will fight climate change within what we call the soul–and I think of as Good, and as what I am here to do.

4. Life — Yeah, well, here cynicism is glowering in my life, as it it does in so many. But herein will be recorded the answer to Shakti’s questions.

For my thoughts of life at this moment, I prefer to hide behind what may seem (at first) to be (at least) a superficial, but pleasantly musical possibility offered by Jon Anderson (of Yes).

Ps. the link below seems to work even though it doesn’t have color. If anyone has trouble with it, please let me know.


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