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One Year’s blog behind me, Another waiting to begin

I have been blogging a year now, exactly a year, with today being the final day of that year. And up till now, I have been seriously searching myself.

Although I have no idea really which parts of my self- search ended up being expressed in the blog, I’ve examined multiple facets of life related to my conscience such as the following:

  • My credo
  • My sense of the Golden Rules
  • My Responsibilities to those I love
  • My willingness to broaden my mind as I consider other people’s credos
  • How I deal with moral dilemmas
  • My level of responsibility as a group member, even in a big group, such as the population of our planet.
  • This list could drag out for pages.

 Anticipating my next blog, which assumes that I have found answers to my most pressing questions of conscience, here are some of my dreams, if not yet goals for this new year:

I want my new blog to come to life. I want it to reflect my own passion for life and represent my life’s passion. I think my life’s passion is writing.

I tend to see negativity in society  almost every day. In my blog, I wish to acknowledge this as well.

I want to show in my blog that I am working hard to process my life experience. What my work may lack in entertainment value, it may make up for in candor.

I hope that there will be times that my honesty might seem courageous. But, when it does, I hope that my hopeful confidence proves out in good time, that honesty needn’t have fear in the first place, at least not in USA.

100_5813 - Edited

My high aspiration is to do my own annotations of Books of the Bible.  I can’t begin to comment on this other than to say that I believe that anyone raised to be a true Christian might think the same thing, when in the prime of life one can no longer deny that every part of life, including Holy Books, is opened for interpretation. In addition to this great work I want to enjoy keeping a regular posting schedule with entries such as the following post ideas:

  1. I think I will install features maybe three a week, on topics so meaty I will not have to give much comment. One topic might be “thoughtful quotes.”
  2. Another might be recipes from my torn-up cookbooks.
  3. A photo series might be, Stuff I own.
  4. Somewhere along the way, I would like to try to write fiction. If the year is a good one and my confidence grows, I hope to feel good enough about my writing to begin to consider a way to make money with it. However, whether or not I get that far is not the point.

What I really want is to inspire more people to blog, to blog fearlessly, honestly. I want to be a part of freedom of speech that serves the original purpose of speech, to agree on meanings that help us learn from one another. To do that, we must first come to understand how we are all the same. Once we do that, discovering how to analyze our differences becomes a respectful exercise full of mystery and wonder, without need for fear.

 I hope to continue to connect with the same kind of people I’ve been so blessed to experience this past year. These are people who make blogging come alive. The passion of these people would be hard to miss. I have felt honored by the attention they have given my efforts this year.

  (NOTE: I will continue to write in this blog in the same manner that I always have.  I feel comfortable here.)