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“He Was In Heaven Before He Died” Lyrics by John Prine

There’s a rainbow of babies
Draped over the graveyard
Where all the dead sailors
Wait for their brides
And the cold bitter snow
Has strangled each grassblade
Where the salt from their tears
Washed out with the tide

And I smiled on the Wabash
The last time I passed it
Yes I gave her a wink
From the passenger side
And my foot fell asleep
As I swallowed my candy
Knowing he was in heaven
Before he died

Now the harbor’s on fire
With the dreams and desires
Of a thousand young poets
Who failed ’cause they tried
For a rhyme without reason
Floats down to the bottom
Where the scavengers eat ’em
And wash in with the tide

Repeat Chorus:

The sun can play tricks
With your eyes on the highway
The moon can lay sideways
Till the ocean stands still
But a person can’t tell
His best friend he loves him
Till time has stopped breathing
You’re alone on the hill

Repeat Chorus:

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123 13 Abraham Lincoln. That’s all.

I’ve had 123 views and I have 13 followers. Nice pattern of numbers, but forget that. It shows that some people have taken an interest in what I can do. I find that slightly exciting. I would say “encouraging,” but then I’d fret over letting someone down. You know how when everyone is cheering you own, but you don’t believe in yourself, but you can’t quite bring yourself to tell them? But that reminds me of something Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying which touched me as possibly the kindest and most challenging truth I might ever consider. “I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down…”

And imagine such a friend. The quote is just about holy in my book in that it comes from Lincoln. Perhaps I’ll write more on this later. Or, if anyone would like to share with me your experiences with success that were due largely to …say one special person who believed in you, please do.