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Your stories of Loss in 2013

  • I would like to know of other people who witnessed people they cared about lose everything they had this year, and/ or killed themselves.
  • I wouldn’t need to know any details about the situations or the emotions associated with these losses, although all comments would be welcomed. 
  • I’m trying in my own life to keep a positive outlook, while accepting reality so I can continue to adapt to it. I often fail to do so. And the flow of consequences for failure can seem unforgiving at times. I’m struggling within trials which are proving to me that one must cling to life or lose it. 
  • Because even though I believe we are all connected (like an ant hill,) our human brains confuse as much as they instruct. As soon as we think someone will save us when we most need it, we’re apt to find ourselves misguided. Therefore, we must always cling to survival, be beggars if necessary, as well as choosers, and not allow ourselves to believe our minds cannot devise a backup plan.
  • This year, I witnessed one friend lose everything, but live. In some ways, he’s doing ok now. He has a roof over his head, but he doesn’t understand what happened to him. He remembers his home, but not how or why he lost it; in fact, I don’t think he yet understands that he did lose it.
  • This year, I also witnessed one friend who had good health and a wealth of talent kill himself. I have promised to write more about this person. I’m really still in the denial phase about his death, but part of that denial seems to be because he is so alive in my heart. I am willing to stay in denial forever. Past tense does not honor him enough.
  • I’m going to put plenty of tags on this post to encourage feedback.
  • Please leave your stories of the losses you have witnessed, or experienced yourself if that is the case. You do not have to specify that something was your own loss instead of a friend’s. 
  • Many people who have access to internet are better off than most people. I would also like to know if the people who suffered loss of life or all possessions had internet access.
  • I ask that the stories be things that have culminated during this year 2013.