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Professional Man — Ha, A New Poem, by Vicki V. Jones (rights reserved)

Breaking hearts from
simple pride, bungling freedom.
Keys to glory beyond their reach.
Miserable with OR without.
Men, with rotting teeth, rotted lungs,
are the laymen of manhood.

He is a professional Man.
Casual, and confident
Enthused, Inspired
Hormone gourmand

Limber-loin Fellow –of the
Society of Lucky Lovers
Career Man, by Title
Practicing Professional.
Headline of The Annual
Review lauds his unveiled
Testosterone Regulator.

“Cum brothers,” and cum they all
An amazing report, Highest
ranking Sweet Release,
Edited text protects trade secrets–
(diecast accessories having
enhanced voice AND vision.)

Inventor of the maximum sperm regimen
Elixir-of-Youth Entrepreneur.
He is a scholar of Invisible Science
and a cheeky god.

They may aspire in idol worship
ingenious contributions euphoric as his.
Chums and Grunts, staying the cause
Chiming the alma mater

“Cum brothers, cum one and all.”