Silent Solitude With Memory So Close

Lumbering bare limbs

porcelain plump long bones

luminescent, in last

summer’ setting sun

Gentle bear

shy conquest

Did you know

I felt like a warrior

chieftess making a treaty?

Shadows under your eyes

from a long week

tolerating my company

made them round

Your eyes glowed

quiet, understated

I feel the most

zen at your side,


a moment’s slipping by

catching in timelessness

the presence of us

Like naked 

on the woodtrail

You open my mouth

I hear your words with my arms

I see your legs with my ears

and I walk on your shoulders

dissolved in our moment

Always in these moments of ours.

We wouldn’t feel

more advanced experience

if we had lifetimes

to collaborate with science.

by Vicki V. Jones


3 responses to “Silent Solitude With Memory So Close

  1. An intense and personal verse. What jumped out at me are these lines.

    “a moment’s slipping by
    catching in timelessness
    the presence of us…”

    How could we really catch our moments in a timeless zone? Is it by being fully present in them? Or is it by appreciating that these moments exist because we exist?


    • You bring me much good cheer, Shakti. I’ve been ill and almost chose not to look at the blog tonight, as I also have not the past few days. Thank you so much for thoughts to ponder. Exploring he significance of what we call time becomes a spiritual quest as I am getting older. I hope to write a paragraph on the subject very soon. And when I do, I hope you find it interesting. 🙂

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