MASTERPIECE: David Bowie with Queen, video of “Under Pressure”

The link is right above this. I hope it works. There’s no commercials or anything. I will thank the youtube person tomorrow. My time is running out.

Please watch this, if only for the sake of the blogger whose site you are viewing.

Much, though I have long appreciated this song, I would pray for it to become outdated.

When you think of 2013, controlling your thoughts for positive karma, giving thanks for blessings, remember those who didn’t fare so well this year. Let their pain find your heart for a moment. How far can our innocence carry us if ever we couldn’t choose to look away. I know this paragraph is grim, much more grim than the song. The song is very good to dance to, in case you didn’t know.

It will be a perfect warm up for an energetic celebration. By the time the song and later the year comes to an end, you will be relieved to have a chance to continue in another dance another year.  The music sings, “This is our last dance.”

What a lovely way to look at it.


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