To Zeus. Please Don’t Go.

I have grief.

My friend lost his life

which hung him by his neck

I forgive the ones

who say it was for show

I forgive myself

for not being more alert

(I’m punished enough)

What dare I say

to answer any who didn’t know him

who would say it wasn’t justified

To defend him now

and now

and now

will become my greatest cause

I can’t imagine

life without him.

But it can imagine me.

I write this to him

as I miss him every moment

I might possibly have laughed

or been encouraged

or held tightly as we caught

each other’s tears.

Supernatural currents

obscured his necessity

from registering sufficiently

with my spirit.

He had cursed God

(hasn’t every saint)

but he trusted me.

Nothing now

for myself to do

but learn,

and mourn,

and make a difference

before it’s too late

for the rest of us.


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