Planning For A Plan

I’m setting new personal Goals.

I want to keep track of my progress here.

May this draft represent the ephemeral documentation of ongoing discoveries along the the path of destiny. AND may it also be the start of a successful endeavor to clear my way along that path.

Please hope there is a method to my madness. i think this is the best approach for me.

Three Steps to Self-Improvement:

 1. Generate random list of 21 goals.

 2. Every day keep track of anything done toward accomplishing any of the goals, and feel happy about it.

3. If or when one of the goals is achieved, be happy to add a new goal to the list.

  • I want to believe this three-step method is inspired.
  • I want to believe it will work.
  • I want to believe this is one resolution i can keep.
  • Tonight, i hope to put my list on dry erase board.
  • Tonight, i hope to construct a system for keeping track of progress.
  • Tonight, i hope to get to bed early.

List of 21 Random Important Goals

  • build my muscles
  • build my endurance
  • increase my body’s flexibility
  • minimize my allergies
  • prepare food
  • become as gluten free as possible
  • become as sugar free as possible
  • I weigh 106 right now. I want to weigh 115
  • learn to see auras. done. haha (start with dog and cat, and neighbor).
  • Get help for Lester
  • Get Mom to Doctor
  • Clear the clutter
  • Paint the porches
  • plant the gardens
  • Clean the blinds
  • Dust the ceilings, fans and walls.
  • Get New doorknobs.
  • Check roof for leaks.
  • Learn to calculate biorhythms
  • Learn to make astrological charts
  • Learn pressure points for health improvement

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