Is The Internet Gaining Consciousness?

I love to ponder, especially about things that can be pondered a while and then put on the shelf. There again, nothing worth pondering should be neglected too long for these are the mysteries of our generation. We are the harbingers of the information age. We’d better figure out what we’re doing.

Plato on-line

Snowden claims ‘Our Kids Will Never Have an Unrecorded Thought’ but never explained it. Is this his proof?
Could we ever create completely self-aware artificial intelligence? Maybe we already have!

The Privacy Visor
‘A Tokyo based team has invented a pair of glasses that disrupts digital cameras and prevents facial recognition. Want to hide your identity and personal information? We’ll tell you how in today’s episode…’

The TSA’s 12 Banned Items of Christmas
As travelers board planes this holiday, please be aware of 12 actual banned items from the Transportation Security Administration. –
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Big Christmas Waste
Be a Green advocate and help stop it

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