Please Watch the Video on my Previous Post. No Commercial this Morning.

I awakened with what I believed were spiritual epiphanies regarding the whole lifelong development of a person’s soul. My mind was answering questions quick as they came. What about predestination (along with that, abortion and the death penalty, not to mention Astrology)? What about humanism? What about the third eye? How do all these things figure in with the love of Jesus? How does the love of Jesus? And why does it seem that the love of Jesus is so slow to affect the salvation of mankind? I awakened this morning with firmer beliefs regarding these things. I already had my faith: my core assurance in the love of Jesus Christ, and the powerful necessity of love. 

Because I was so inspired, an urgency to write about it fell upon me. So, as I was waking up, firming up plans for the day, wrestling my pets into submission, getting coffee, I worried a little that these crystallized insights might somehow slip away from me. Now, the house is quiet. Looks like I have about 30 minutes to finish this post.

I don’t have time to start fleshing out my new paint-by-number picture of the way of the human soul. Instead, I’m going to talk about my post itself. Sorry. I know that’s self-indulgent. But, I think there was a bit of paranoia stuck to me like beggar lice as the rest of my mind was forming inner sanctuary.

It was about that wonderful animation which is linked to in my previous post. When I first played it on youtube last night, a really distasteful commercial played before it, one that I seem to recall that I could not skip through. It was a mature woman in a party dress, sitting in a public stall, talking about her bowel movement using –not vulgarities —  language such as teenage boys would use. I stepped away from the computer while waiting for the video.

When I saw the video, I was so enthralled that I forgot all about the commercial. I put the link here and on my facebook, with all due excitement over the thankful reception it was sure to find this season. Then, as I lay down to rest my mind, that commercial popped in to say Hello.

This morning I see no “likes” on my fb page, and am most grateful for the ones here. When I clicked on my link here and watched the video, no commercial whatsoever preceded it.  Let me simply say, I was relieved, yet remained disturbed over its having been there in the first place.

I would like to invite anyone who happens to see this to click on my previous post, titled “Do You Hear What I Hear, A Chrismagical Animation”. It beautifully and truly expresses the spirit of Christmas.




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