Do You Hear What I Hear? A Christmagical Animation

I’ve had insomnia a few days now. I remember day broke as bright blue sky today. I stayed in my recliner all day eating See’s chocolates. I’ve been floating on this sugar trip for a full day and a half, round the clock. I think my oil glands will be oozing liquified butter brittle till way after the new year. Tomorrow, I expect to have a meal with Lester. Last night, I had time with one son. The other one sent me the chocolates. Merry Christmas everyone. I think we should all pray for the Christian conversion of Rupert Murdoch. May he confess — for the sake of humanity that he has played a very lucrative joke on his U.S.demographic. Wait, don’t touch that dial, I have more miracles on my list. Mostly, I pray that I smile as sweetly as I know other people will if they are out and about on Christmas day


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