After losing a voice and a touch to my friend’s suicide

And after losing another friend’s dignity because I failed to save it for him

I think of even more outrageous losses

people suffer like — say from terrorist attacks…

I’m wondering which leaves

a deeper imprint on the survivor… the witnessing of

insidious destruction of hope and life

or random violence.

In the first case, the injustice would most surely be

taken more personally. Much more privately as well.

Either way, there must be many unsatisfied souls

embodied and praying through their martyred loved ones

that they might better use their Hands of God,

against the celebration of Evil which is all cruelty

in the world.

The laying on of hands is practiced in familiar Christian circles.

Love is preached in those places, I seem to recall.

I’ve heard that the Koran has the answers to all questions regarding how to live.

I do not speak of Eastern religions having never known someone born into them. To me, that is the most authentic account.

However, I mention religion only because I spoke of God. In my Protestant upbringing, I was taught disdain and distrust of the thing called Humanism. I can’t give words to the despair this crime has laid upon my soul.


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