October 11, 2013

I’ve been without internet.

This time since I last posted has been so emotionally and spiritually significant to me that I’m actually more concerned that I can’t do it justice in writing, than I am timid to write about it (which is my usual disposition).

As I try to write,  my chest feels heavy, I so wish to stay true to the theme of my blog, and my life events having stayed so concentrated along that very theme, I hesitate to introduce the stories until I know I can present them in a way that expresses what serious matters they represent to my life.

At this moment, this very timeless instant, I think I may feel what some may feel when say they are “called’ to ministry.  But I don’t want you, my precious, priceless readers to make too much of that particular statement. I think since this instant occurred while I was writing my blog, it’s probably mostly my heart adjusting to being at the keyboard again–and not some divine intervention.

Nevertheless, the inner me is undergoing serious transformations which began a couple months ago.

There is one thing I need to tell you outright. I have no idea what it means other than it’s important, and very important things must come of it. A little over a month ago, someone who should have been a beloved and famous star on this earth killed himself.

I also look forward to posting a few notes and photos (of my life events) in the next few days. I think this blog may become a bigger part of my own transformation. I hope it does. If it does, it will be a reflection of growing courage, love, and confidence within me.


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