May 31, 2013 Thirteen Things

  1. Ma warns me about danger of solar flares today.
  2. Big asteroid like the one that killed the dinosaurs is passing very close to Earth in a couple hours, but not nearly as close as the one in February.
  3. This week, I discovered a remarkable bald spot hiding in the back of my head. Alopecia Areata (the doctor says) — autoimmune disorder. I am duly inspired.
  4. Last week my bulging C5 disk righted itself in my sleep. I thank God. Neck still a little sore. I am duly inspired.
  5.  Recently, I find myself appreciating dualities more than I ever thought I would.
  6. I’ve even imagined I have a long, lost twin.
  7. My Love is beautiful.
  8. I want the world to know that I do not spend so much time lying around merely because I’m lazy——–and, as it happens, not because of my beautiful love, either. It’s Myasthenia Gravis—–as far as I’ve ever known, and that fact, local friends and neighbors, becomes more sobering as I get older.
  9. I have not watched my TV  in about five months.
  10. I have the smartest dog in the world. He is miraculous. I see flea /insect problems ahead from the warm winter. My lawn mower is broken.
  11. The number “11” doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. It’s lovely, symmetrical, prime; and, I don’t know what else it is just as a number, but I like it because it proves we can reach beyond our two hands.  Here’s Good Eleven, from School House Rock.
  12. I have my work cut out for me around here. Need to get on it. Hopefully, if I’m successful at it, my readers will know because I will also have the energy to make little blog posts when I take breaks. The work I speak of will occupy me for the next seven days.
  13. I used to feel I was on a mission from God, now I sorta feel I’ve been abducted by aliens. Just kidding. Styx, “Come Sail Away” live. Please enjoy.

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