May 1, 2013 Journal and Love to my Followers

Much of the anxiety about those I love has resolved itself by now. I’m very thankful that no one I most identify with has died– although they came close to dying.

I continue another day’s survival thanks to those who identify with me. While giving thanks, I would be remiss not to include the Founders and Guardians of the U.S. Democracy.

May 1st is a comfort. A quiet weed-eater (two houses down) and my personal caged-animal tossing his toy within his confines make just enough noise to help me mark my place in this world. Open windows let clean, slightly moist pre-downpour air circulate around me. I can discern that the dog visited the cess-stream behind my house, but his mustiness isn’t overwhelming.

Since this is very peaceful for me, but boring to y’all,  I’ll leave it at that. .  .Ps. I still love you all very much!



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