“Pressure” With Commentary

Billy Joel’s “Pressure” is my offering today. Funny, as I get older I don’t feel the pressure like I used to do. It’s probably because I’ve been pinned so long–desensitized. Weakened heart. Dulled senses. Or, on a positive note, maybe it’s mellowing with age. Oddly enough, I miss pressure. Yanno that’s what holds our insides in.. 😉 yup Maybe that’s why I keep spillin’ myself all over this blog.

Oh, by the way, the ad on this video actually caught my attention as well. Anybody know about this? Also, btw, really good video. Wish the pic had posted. hope link works.







2 responses to ““Pressure” With Commentary

  1. Hi Shakti. I’m going to answer your question in a post titled “answer for Shakti”. 🙂 Thanks for keeping me busy.

  2. Intriguing post, the Billy Joel spin notwithstanding.

    What is it that makes you equate desensitization and “dulling of senses” with mellowing of age? To me , as we rehearse desensitization in our minds, we gain more things to be regretful for in our lives. As we remain sensitised, we are able to focus our energies and seek opportunities and possibilities.


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