Cyberattack Affected You? Blame Your ISP

Can’t get much to load today. This seems like another angle on my previous reblog. I will look at this later.

Plato on-line

The Huge Cyberattack that Slowed Down the Web
Yesterday morning, I noticed that my browser kept freezing. Also, it was almost an hour, yet one website I’m trying to curate on was still frozen. I checked for malicious activities but there was none. That made me madder because I thought my laptop was naturally dying! After about 4 hours, all went back to normal (whew) and I discovered the cause of the problem.

ISPs failed to patch a simple security vulnerability that magnified the attack
‘The big problem here, as you’ve probably already figured out, is that so many network operators have left their DNS resolvers open. It’s fairly trivial to configure resolvers to filter out and ignore forged requests, but relatively few network operators have done so. The Open DNS Resolver Project, an Internet community initiative aimed at blocking this vulnerability, has catalogued more than 25 million open DNS…

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One response to “Cyberattack Affected You? Blame Your ISP

  1. Maybe the cyberattack is still affecting you day3. Thanks a lot for the reblog and more power to you.

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