What do You Wish Me to Buy (with my soul)?

I am mad.

Make of that statement what you will.

Mad at WordPress, for ONE THING. I should be able to easily make a post and designate a category under which the post will be filed on my blog–and not be made to feel like an idiot because I can’t seem to press the right buttons (though my finger hits the correct, unique button on my computer EVERY TIME I “click”) to get to the illusive user interface at which it is possible to do this at the time of posting, thereby avoiding an otherwise unavoidable “edit” simply to put the post in a category. Yup. I’m mad —- WHAT’S MORE, it’s not my job to try to redesign anything, and EVEN IF I GO TO THE TROUBLE to see that this issue gets corrected by some appropriate “techy”, the resolution will have only served to reinforce the already hard to ignore most-certainly false notion that my efforts might give me some kind of satisfaction in the arena of “real life”. No—I can only—I must only make note of magic steps, vital to posting here, and leave the sadistic technicalities to those making their bucks on my time at any given moment.

I’m mad about other THINGS WHICH EXIST IN THE REAL WORLD as well, but I’m now mentally drained from what all I just said. The absurdities of this world will quickly drain your will to fight if ever you call them out!

Ok, Vicki. What you do, is go to dashboard. Go to posts. Go to “all posts” and then to “create new”.

On a related matter–about my computer keyboard…why does there have to continue to be some button my fingers can accidently stumble upon, if I’m tired and clumsy, which will obliterate whatever was so important to me that I would be typing it while I was so tired and clumsy? NEVERMIND ABOUT THAT THOUGH; my computer, like my body is all I’ve got in their respective worlds.


Here’s a couple of links to stuff I find deeply disturbing, if not of themselves, but for the reality of which they are part and for which I feel I owe no apology, having no power and little consent.



I’d like to offer my thanks to PandoDaily for being interesting and keeping me abreast of all kinds of information as I pray and mentally fight to extend my pitiful life into the Age of Information.


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