A moment — no, an instant of decision — to affect only a moment

I’m a little OCD. I have no purpose for this post other than to have a momentary breakthrough against what feel like paralyzing frustrations today. I apologize for inflicting this micro-self-analysis on you, while also thanking you for reading. 

This would be a “grrr” post if I felt there any wisdom trapped inside. As it is, I think I just need to slow down (mentally), bathe, pamper myself a little, and hope for the best. Nothing to see here folks. 

I feel a little better now. Wish me luck. Being separated from my friend again has drained me physically (Myasthenia Gravis is a fickle disease — wish I could learn to humor it, while maintaining my good humor. And please don’t ask me to explain my version of MG. After 30 years of diagnosis, and knocking on wood at the relative mildness of my case, MG remains more of an embarrassment, and rarely passes in my life as an excuse for things undone, except to my mother and my doctor. But I mention it because it pays its visits especially around times when I would most like to just get on with life—and that sucks!)

This moment is up. Bath time now, whether I need it or not.  


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