Last Week, A Miracle May Have Happened and Life is Still Unusual

Strange just now to think of the movies (DVD’s) that are in my house, just now, while also giving due consideration to how my life has changed so significantly in the last one week and one day.

I own one movie–Fido. Of course. So that one. It’s playing now, the second or third time it’s played the past couple days. Besides that one, Three Netflix movies have been stowing away within my customary jumble of disorganization for maybe as long as a year now, without my watching them or taking the trouble to send them back–even though, I really needed to cancel the DVD portion of my membership, due to dire finances, not to mention lack of interest in committing to paying attention to something simply for having requested it by mail.

But I don’t want this post to be about those movies.

And I don’t have much time now to write, if any time at all, unless I get better at what I’ve been doing the past few days.

Sorry, to be so mysterious, ALWAYS.

Miracles are good. So, my sweet followers and finders, please be happy for me. On a side note, my health is improving–no doubt as an added benefit of the blessing in my life.

This is all I have time to say at present. I’ll write more as soon as I can, the future being more wide open than I previously imagined. It’s now suppertime for the loved one I thought I would never see again–and me.


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