Good Morning because of you–not my crappy mood.

I’ve been driving other people’s cars, inadvertently drinking out of their left-behind take-out cups and well, now methinks I’m coming down with the viral meningitis.  Take from that what you will.

Maybe everything will work out.

I wish I knew Frank Zappa’s catalog.

Wonder if I should wonder about my responsibility to my readers.

Acute illness is the worst kind. It seizes you, and it has the power to kill relatively immediately (versus the chronic kind). I hardly ever get the acute variety–could be I’ve grown immune to the germs in my environment;  I rarely leave it.

I’m going to believe I’ll throw this off and get on with my day.

Please pray for me some more!!! Am I a prayer hound?

I want to find something personal to share with y’all…because you all are special to me.

I’m going to post this up, and go look on this hard drive.  I have a particular thing in mind, but I don’t think I should decide to post such a thing under the possible influence of meningitis.  My computer has been acting funny. That’s why I’m going to publish this while I know I can.


2 responses to “Good Morning because of you–not my crappy mood.

  1. Wish I could get back to the draft of a comment, I thought I’d just posted. Anyway, Jackie. The thing is, I had viral meningitis a long time ago. I don’t know how rare it is for someone to have a full-blown recurrence of it, but any time I feel like I’m coming down with something and feel a certain kind of apathy–yes apathy– it reminds me of the early part of meningitis. Viral now, not bacterial. Bacterial meningitis is quickly deadly from the instant of infection, unless treated. Viral meningitis is not. I can’t comment more right now, because it’s passed time I stand up from here. But I appreciate your asking. 🙂

  2. what makes you think it is meningitis?

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