My Neighborhood, Under Snow 2.9.13

My Neighborhood, Under Snow 2.9.13.

Being from the south and un-travelled, I’ve experienced snow merely enough to sample its magic. Long, long ago, it snowed and I was the first person on our cul de sac to get out in it. I knew this because I saw none of the  settled blanket disturbed as I made my way around the block, not even porch steps. I couldn’t decide if I wanted others to hurry out to play or wanted to keep it all to myself.

But, enough about me. This collection of photos is an awesome journey by jeremyharrisphotography. It takes us around his neighborhood in Brooklyn, where the snow has caused the whole of his homeplace to be as  striking a pose just for him. Looking at these, it’s easy to feel in the moment, the crisp clean air, the solitude, the incomparable feeling of transcendent unity with ones world, mingled with the awareness of one’s unique place in the world.


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