At the gateway of justice

At the gateway of justice.

I first ‘pressed’ this without commentary, but when I went back and looked, it was just a link. You couldn’t see the article. If what you see is just a link, please click on it. I don’t want to say more. My words do not belong in this place at this time.


2 responses to “At the gateway of justice

  1. You’re very welcome. I posted the wikipedia article about this incident on my facebook, and also a news update about recent rapes. I’m thinking about asking to share your post there as well. It saddens me that I hardly ever get any feedback about such things from my facebook friends, I do get some feedback, and I believe perhaps many others look at my posts about social justice, but are hesitant to get even a little bit involved. Most of my fb friends see it only as a way to socialize in a very lighthearted way. I think it would be depressing for me to share your post and not get significant feedback about it. All the same, you get back to your life. Every life counts—and I know it’s time for you to get on with yours.

  2. Thank you for the kind gesture.

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