Buckt List—Friday, Feb 8,

These first ten in bold have already been accomplished.

1.  Graduate High School (although I still have nightmares in which I didn’t, and had to lie about it the rest of my life–or else could never be sure that I did).

2.  Have fun with karaoke.

3.  Raise children.

4.  Learn to play guitar.

5.  Paint a black ocean.

6.  Learn to swim.

7.  Own a piece or two of jewelry that would have great significance to me.

8.  Find people whom I could love, and who would love me as much as humanly possible.

9.  Own a home uncannily similar to the one I have called home for years and will one day own, God willing.

10. Gain a sense of admiration for my mother.


These next five are the first that come to mind that I might really be able to do. (But I swear they are far more challenging than you would imagine.)

1. Perform at an open mike (stand-up comedy, sort of). Give it a try. Find out if I’m as shameless with it as I was with karaoke.

2. Make a living will, (or whatever health directive that is) because too many health care professionals act like soul-less bureaucrats at times, but mostly because it really is the most considerate thing you can do for your loved ones who may have differing notions about what you would want if only you could say.

3. Get over my fear of paying bills.

4. Get over my fear of swallowing pills.

5. Try to remember how to play the guitar, and/or take more lessons.


2 responses to “Buckt List—Friday, Feb 8,

  1. Ps. The misspelling of bucket is intentional. I guess I think doing so lightens the mood of a serious subject.

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