Polar Bears Are Left Handed

according to a list of “funny and interesting facts” posted by Maria this morning. I’m still not feeling very articulate, but am much, much better on this day4 after emotional collapse. I wish to thank Maria, but for some reason, I feel protective of her as well. (perhaps I “project” or something–not gonna consult my psychiatric symptoms thesaurus….

Anyhoo, Maria posted this long list of these facts, 193 in all. I scanned down the list ooh and aahing, and there at 192, I discovered this precious tidbit about those most darling, dangerous, and damned of bears. And I wondered, “Did I know this already from observing them at the zoo?” Then–thought I– how can they be sure? I’m not entirely convinced. But who would ever be up to the challenge of trying to disprove it? haha.

Levity, Ra Ra….(veiled reference to Mork from Ork)


One response to “Polar Bears Are Left Handed

  1. Thank You So much for reading my blog with so interest dear.. If anyone want to see all the facts just go through http://mariapiadefuscoblog.wordpress.com

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