This is for my future reference.

The Daily Post gives you many flexible options for organizing your content. You can create a Custom Menu to organize your pages. You can group your posts into categories and use category pages in your menu to display them in archives. You can put a Custom Menu widget in your sidebar if you’d like your navigation be to the side of your content rather than in your header area.

Sometimes, though, you might want to create a more specific index of your contents than category pages or monthly archives allow. For example, a food blogger might want to create an index of all his recipes, grouped alphabetically or by main ingredient. Or a journalist might want to create an index of all her published articles, grouped by publication or topic.

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  1. Gee, I reblogged this. Now, looking at my stats, I see I have 90 posts…so I guess this is the 90th. I like multiples of three–is what makes this noteworthy. 🙂 Please pardon my impertinence.

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