Dear Eva, PoeteX and Dear WordPress Friends

Dear Eva X. Your poem I posted a day or so ago continues to be personally informative to me.I Hope you don’t mind if I reblog part of it here. These first two verses of the poem are especially significant to me–how I wish it weren’t true. Life itself is sometimes threatening and ugly. I’m thankful when poetry like yours helps me recover some appreciation in such times. It’s all about not being alone. Sometimes it’s painful to be touched, but without it, we are surely lost. Thank you again for touching me. Here are the two verses of your poem:

There you go, take them…
I give you every single electric blue lotus
from the garden in my ribcave. Some float
away like blue balloons from mime’s loose-
grip hand as a forewarning:
Your hands possess withering capabilities.
Nothing beauteous and bright can last
for long in your reptilian-incubused palms.

I pick up as many petals as my little hands
can carry and run to the cemetery. I find
an empty patch and dig, dig until the pit
seems no-bottomed. One-two-three-four,
vivacious parts of me no-more, zigzag
into the black-hole. Sole of foot to ground,
I kick dirt atop them all. Seconds minutes
hours mesh until cavity tops off.


Dear WordPress Friends,

Thank you for the likes and comments on the occasion of the end of my first month blogging. I continue to be thrilled and honored to know great people like you look at my blog.

I’m having a crappy day today. Suddenly, I’ve lost a lot of ground as far as staying positive. I’m afraid I’m going to have to get back to the grunt work of positive affirmations and other laborious distractions from the negativity.

Hmmm there was a song I had wanted to link to this morning, but forgot what it was. My brain has turned to snot. (You may quote me on that.)

Please–no advice. I never mind it.

Pray that my appearances don’t crumble before I come out of this one. First of the month is a bad time for catatonia.




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