February3 About my 24 followers

This post is an acknowledgement of appreciation for my followers in general. I appreciate your reading it, even if the spirit of it falls flat. Please consider it a very small token. I do owe you much, much more.

About You

Some of you most consistently interpret certain kinds of your experiences in life.  Some of you do this through photography, other’s through poetry or essays. Some of you are younger than myself, and some older.

Some of you have special projects or businesses to promote, relating to travel, cooking, publishing or merchandising.  I especially like the attention I’ve received from people related to social causes and activism–although I haven’t as yet, summoned the gumption to be of much help. Most recently I find myself followed by a travelling Pastor, Aaron Bagwell. To be followed by a world-adventuring evangelist–I must say–feels flattering and intimidating at the same time. Please pray for Pastor Bagwell and myself on our journeys which seem (at least at this point) to be quite different.

Let’s see now, who else, ah yes,  one of you–it appears, gee– may be… a scam. . . a send-me-$25, so I can show you how to get rich while hardly working.  I just said, “may be”.  I hope not, and I love you, the person, even if you are. Even if that one of you is not a scam, I couldn’t do what you do, I just have too much of a one track mind, and that track is a Mobius strip.

But, enough about my very much treasured followers–which total 24, by the way. Today is day one of Month two of Day3of! As would happen, I don’t have much to say today, but that’s a good thing. I’m happy to report that I do have many works to do and plays to play….Cheers.


2 responses to “February3 About my 24 followers

  1. Hi. Hope this late reply finds you well. I love you, again and some more.

  2. I hope you find joy in reciprocity as I did in your post! We all love you, too!

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