This article expresses, to a large degree, the way I think about things as I journey through life. I like you Ilse Se Fue…and I wonder what your name means.

ilse se fue

I have been trying to explore themes in the course of my life that occur more than once, and that can stimulate a good degree of thought on my part. One of those has been the passing of activists and visionaries. I started listening to Jazz around the age of sixteen. With Jazz, I felt embarrassed anytime I tried to write or talk about it because I didn’t feel I had the vocabulary. With music in general I could only express that a song made me feel giddy, dark, or uncomfortable. Elementary. And with Jazz, I admitted to myself that I felt like I was missing something, and I would often joke that it was because I was possibly atonal. Since then, I have allowed those feelings of “not getting it” to dissipate. I am not setting up a moral-of-the-story scenario, I just believe Jazz is stimulating because of what…

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