Plato on-line

‘Supporters of online freedoms worry extreme acts may thwart the momentum gained last year with the crushing defeat of anti-piracy legislation. Those concerns underscore a central fear in activist circles: how to advocate a cause without destroying its credibility.

‘The latest example came this past weekend, when the online activist group Anonymous took hold of the U.S. Sentencing Commission’s website, replaced it with a YouTube video and threatened to release “warheads” containing sensitive information about the Justice Department. The group linked its actions to the department’s treatment of Aaron Swartz, a young tech pioneer who faced up to 35 years of prison time after hacking into a subscriber-only database of scholarly articles. He committed suicide earlier this month…’

Smartphones are Killing the Camera
Connected cameras can’t stand up to smartphone onslaught
‘The growing popularity of photography is largely down to phones and online services, but the…

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