Holy Spirit, Kum Ba Yah

I posted a “Kum ba yah” link on February 1, 2013 along with comments that reflected my disappointment that the lyrics were not as soulful as I remembered them being when I was ten years old at Baptist Girls in Action camp.

Now it’s December 2013. I misremembered camp. The song is just as it was then. The way I remember it now is that we were guided to sing it reverently and think about the lyrics. We sang it as a prayer. I had remembered  additional lyrics based on the images that came to mind singing it as a child. Those lyrics are now removed from this blog for the sake of  factual accuracy. I know my false witness was unintentional, and harmless, but still I’m glad that I caught it.

That was a wonderful camp, by the way. I was able to attend only one year; that was five days of my life. A little used to go a long way.

I’ve removed the original link because in the re-experience of it today, I found it to be too juvenile for my blog. Children were singing in perfect chorus as a slide show of babies presented visual-aid demonstrations for the lyrics. So now, I hope you enjoy the wonderful selection of  Kum ba yah’s found through the link below:


You know, maybe once at the camp, we did add additional lyrics. Maybe it was a special gathering in the main hall where they served the meals. And maybe that was a time of deep revival of my spirit as all our love-filled lungs breathed in our youth and exhaled with rejoicing our united identity as God’s children. I do seem to recall.

The camp was called Shocco Springs. Here’s a link:





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