As I tumble down to sleep

Have you ever thought how amazing it is to maintain a stable demeanor in times like these?

Note: I’m not addressing you the reader; rather, I’m talking to myself …again. And by “times like these” I really mean now, while needing to get to sleep and fighting it like a child.

I scrutinize such sensations too closely. My environment is so familiar, I would yawn if ever horror invaded to take my life. “So this is where I leave my mark … by the recliner …good a place as any… Oh, don’t forget to kill the brain . Get along (…sighing). Lord knows I need the sleep.”

Tonight, I’ll say my prayers and count backwards, fantasize and whatever. The point is I should have a quitting time for blog writing. Or not. If no one else can tell me not to write, maybe I’ll just spoil myself. “Even if it means dissecting all your diseases like paper dolls that no one can love but yourself?” I may ask.

Ok. I’m going to stop this now before it turns into another GRD project.

I love everybody. My prayer is “please make the wealthiest .01% of people on this planet convince the .01% wannabes that our world is worth saving.”

ok. Nite nite


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