My New Project, “GRD”

A New Project for Me

How You Can Make Sense of it

And/or Easily Avoid Any

Of it You Please

It’s called GrrrRevise, Day3of (GRD)”

  • Each time I execute GRD, upon completion there will have been four parts to it.
  • The first part is “Grrr”. Grrr means that I am not cogent, but want to be.
  • The second part “Grrr, Revise” adds comments in bold italic to the Grrr post.
  • The third part “Grrr, Revise, Day3of” adds another layer of comments, this time in italic.
  • The fourth part “GRD” is an entirely new post based on the prior three layers of drafts.
  • My efforts will be categorized “New GRD”.
  • The first project is titled “Pretending to be Irritated”.
  • As of today, “Pretending to be Irritated” is awaiting the “Day3of” phase.
  • Wish me luck.

January 25, 2012

Thank you so much to

Urbanwallart and Michael Lai.

You found something to like

here and made for me

100 and 101 likes.

My followers, all 17,

make me feel valued.

I value y’all as well.



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