Poetry by Tupac Shakur and the Definition of “Mood”


Congratulations to our President upon the occasion of his second inauguration. It’s a lovely day here on the outside of where I am.

On the inside, I miss too many people. I also feel anxiety about trying to reconnect with humanity in the form of new acquaintances.  Today, I try to balance longing with resignation; I pray dysphoria is not my destiny.

The days are too short now–yet not cold enough. Sometimes it feels as though the very forces of nature have gone senile. Something forgot the winter freeze. Sometimes, I think I’m the only one who remembers. When I go to the store, routinely hear comments about the weather, but around these parts, climate change is rarely part of the discourse.

I’m a southern girl, sad there will be no freshness in the springtime–buds straining out into the haze. No resurrection on Easter morning because nothing ever really died. Sorry to meander so morosely.

But I’m not giving-in to negativity–not really. This blog is positive project for me. I feel fairly successful in being honest about myself without catching myself and my readers in a trap of my current quandaries. I’ve been susceptible to serial existential crises for some time now.

Below is a link to the Wikipedia article on “Mood”. It’s something for me to think about.



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