Starting Over (Revised) DP Challenge

Economics of Idleness


that only faintly occupy

prove of adulthood

so much stagnation

of all we learned

falling down

and getting up

feeling rash

and calming down

turning back

to start again

When  we were young

we learned to think

of growth as activity

progress as identity.

The use of it all

is winding down.

Or so it feels

in disability,

much other futility,


prospects of

twenty-first century


Starting over

is meaningless to

the human body.

When they turn us under

and mine the landfill,

a  new habitat will

support life of

a new age.

And when the young

of that species learns

about starting over,

may it never forget.


One response to “Starting Over (Revised) DP Challenge

  1. I wrote this in a brief time on the Friday it was due. The DP challenge was “starting over”. I think it’s my best poem since I’ve been blogging–the one I feel the most pride over anyway. Thank you for the likes. 🙂

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