Since Day3of 2013

I have posted what must appear to be ramblings of someone who doesn’t know what to do, how to go a about it, and least of all, when to begin. Even for myself, seeing is believing.

At the risk of being totally disorganized already, at merely the third statement of this post, I have to change my subject immediately or else this post will not be posted at all. Ok, I’m going to try to at least make this tangent into something that might pass for a paragraph. I was interrupted by something here in my actual environment to the extent that I felt I had to give up trying to resume whatever line of thought I had intended for that first paragraph. Therefore, consider the present paragraph to be about the fact that I had not intended this blog to be autobiographical at all; however, I’ve been challenged beyond my ability to ever be objective. I would have been pleased if I could even write opinion pieces on anything other than my immediate personal dilemmas. And now, I hate to admit it, but all I want to tell you is that the one without whom I would never be (to live, exist) was the interruption…and furthermore, that without interruptions by those who may too often seem to keep “holdin’ me back and holdin’ me back” (South Park caricature of Phil Collins), I could be described as having no life at all.

Sorry about that…but I do feel better for the confession.

Well, whatever I was going to say must not have been too important.

I guess I could add that I’m still searching for my conscience.


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