About copyright

Don’t know how to say this properly, but what I write here is my own composition. I want to keep the rights to it all, especially the poetry I post in the Poetry category. Please respect all applicable laws. If I use other peoples’ stuff, I’ll do my very best to remember to give them due credit.


2 responses to “About copyright

  1. You can add a widget claiming copyright just in case someone doesn’t read it. It will be forever posted on your page.

    • Thank you. And thank you for following me. I’ve been in a crappy state of depression lately. Now and again I look at your blog. It is helpful. You are a good writer. I had a rather traumatic childhood. It’s hard to leave behind certain things that seem forever ingrained in your spirit. I have the tendency to get discouraged and feel a sense of fate that goes back to having to resign myself to a certain amount of sadness in life at a young age. I hope I can make good use of blogging here. I’m afraid it will end up whiny and self-pitying. Anyway, thanks again. Hope your weekend is a happy one.

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